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AMSOIL® manufactures premium synthetic lubricants for automotive, marine, power sports and recreational two-stroke and four-stroke applications… and for the vehicles that tow them, for longer equipment life, maximum power, and optimal all weather performance. Tested and proven for nearly 40 years and billions of miles of service. AMSOIL is the original synthetic motor oil.

We provide superior access, knowledge, and professional customer service for all AMSOIL products.

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How Extreme Heat Affects Your Engine

The average operating temperature of a passenger car/light truck engine is up to 235ºF, and higher under heavy loads. Motorists are becoming more familiar with the technologies responsible for this increased heat, specifically turbochargers and […]

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Increase Octane to Maximize Motorcycle Performance

Though many Harley-Davidson* owners don’t realize it, their bikes are equipped with electronics that detect engine knock. When the computer adjusts ignition timing to eliminate knock, performance suffers. AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost offers an economical […]

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Today’s Complex Transmissions Require Premium Fluids

The complexity of today’s automatic transmissions can baffle even seasoned technicians. Modern transmissions feature more gears, clutch packs and narrow oil passageways that require a steady supply of high-quality fluid. Without it, performance suffers and […]


  • Lasts up to 25,000 miles / 1 year*
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Exceptional cleaning properties
  • Remains fluid in extreme cold
  • Resists boil-off in extreme heat
  • Aids fuel economy
  • Premier AMSOIL formulation


  • Lasts up to 10,000 miles / 6 months*
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Remains fluid in extreme cold
  • Resists boil-off in extreme heat
  • Aids fuel economy


  • Excellent wear protection
  • Remains fluid in extreme cold
  • Resists boil-off in extreme heat
  • Aids fuel economy


oilcan2_48AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils delivers extraordinary lubrication in all types of engines. By combining industry-premier synthetic technology with AMSOIL premium additives, our oils exceed the higher performance demands of modern engines. AMSOIL Synthetic Oils are engineered to outperform conventional and synthetic oils, delivering long-lasting performance and protection.

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shift2_48AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluids are engineered to outperform conventional transmission fluids and exceed the performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles. This sophisticated formulation provides outstanding performance and protection in the severe operating conditions of today’s most advanced transmission designs.

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gears_48AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lubes are a premium-grade gear oil specifically engineered for maximum performance. AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lubes maintain viscosity for long-lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact. Our Gear Lubes are engineered for every application, including automotive, marine, commercial use, extended drain intervals, towing, ATV, 4X4, and racing.

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engine_48AMSOIL Premium Fuel Additives are formulated to improve fuel mileage and thoroughly clean and restore peak performance in engines and powersports equipment fuel systems. AMSOIL Fuel Additives are unsurpassed in cleaning combustion chamber deposits, intake valve deposits and port fuel injector deposits, which helps maintain peak engine efficiency, fuel economy, power and drivability.

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filter3_48AMSOIL Oil Filters have one of the best efficiency ratings in the automotive market providing a filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns, while other filters are as low as 51 percent. AMSOIL Filters are made with premium-grade full-synthetic media. The strictly controlled processing of this media ensures accurate filter construction which delivers higher capacity and efficiency along with better durability.

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greasegun1_48AMSOIL Synthetic Grease delivers excellent wear protection and extreme performance over extended service intervals with impact resistance, contaminant control and longevity. AMSOIL Synthetic Greases are qualified against the highest grease standards and are designed for every application to deliver excellent wear protection and performance over extended service intervals.

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We have a large stock on hand for your convenience, but any of the AMSOIL products can be ordered, shipped, and delivered quickly within 1 or 2 business days.


Let’s See What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say?

We love our users and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing service and outstanding after sale support!

AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil Helps Harleys Run Quieter and Run Cooler.

“I had heard a lot of good things about AMSOIL motorcycle oil used in Harley Davidsons, so I decided to try it out in my 2001 Heritage Softail with the Evolution Series Twin Cam Engine. I noticed right away that the top end of the engine quieted down and on the hot days I run 12-15 degrees cooler than all the guys I’m riding with. I don’t sell your oil, but I recommend it after the improvement it made in my Bike.”

Guy Keast, Rantoul, KS
One and you’re DONE!!!

I’ve been an ardent advocate for AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for 4 years going! I use it both in my personal vehicles and in commercial trucks as well! The 25,000 extended drain interval gives you peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing that you won’t spend valuable time and $$$ every 3,000 miles at some “quick lube” station. For someone who spends countless hours on the road, changing my engine oil solely on an annual basis costs me around $55.00 with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil (includes 5 qts 10W30 plus AMSOIL Ea oil filter). Contrasting this amount with the $30 that most “quick lube” vendors charge every 3,000 miles, my annual average savings per vehicle is approximately $185.00!!! ($30 x 8 oil changes = $240.00 over a 24,000 mile span. Servicing your vehicle using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil costs approximately $55.00 for the SAME 24,000 mile span) This doesn’t factor in the countless hours you’ll spend waiting for the vehicle service to be completed.
AMSOIL motor oils… Change your thinking – NOT your oil!

Joel T. Bowling
AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils Make Trucks Stronger and Smoother

Reinier drives a 2004 Dodge Ram. He uses Premium Synthetic 5W-30 in the engine, Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid in the transmission and 80W-140 Long Life Gear Lube.

“Synthetic oil has given this truck life that it was hiding before,” said Reinier. Reinier said the Ram now pulls stronger and runs smoother than it did before. He made the switch to synthetic motor oil when the truck hit the 3,000-mile mark. “What comes as a surprise to me is that my Dodge dealer had no problem doing a complete drain and fill with the synthetic oil I brought,” said Reinier.

Reinier said the dealer removed all the Dodge transmission fluid and refilled the truck with our Synthetic ATF. “Within a mile or two I could feel the transmission was smoother and showed a difference in how it performed,” said Reinier.

Lyle ReinierMesa, AZ

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