AMSOIL Home Based Business / Dealership Opportunity

The current trend in the United States is small business. Owning your own business guarantees you the freedom to work on your own terms and the opportunity to set your own goals. AMSOIL products are sold through Independent Dealers, people such as yourself who want extra money, something to do in their spare time, or even a full-time business. AMSOIL offers all the advantages of a franchise without the large initial investment required by many other business opportunities. The outstanding products offered by AMSOIL comprise a rock-solid base upon which to build your business.

  • Minimal start-up fee

  • No inventory requirements

  • No territory restrictions

  • No capital investment

  • No employee expenses or requirements

When you register as an AMSOIL Dealer, you are entitled to take your business in many different directions. The various opportunities are outlined below. AMSOIL Dealers may choose to stick to one or two selling options or try a combination of them all. Those who register for the 6 month trial dealership are strongly encouraged to invest in the training materials if you decide to expand your AMSOIL Dealership beyond buying AMSOIL Products for your own personal use.

The choice is yours… purchase AMSOIL Products for your own use at Dealer Prices or build a business to supplement or even replace your present income. AMSOIL provides its dealers with an excellent support system to help them develop their businesses and thrive. Brochures, tapes, regular meetings, technical services — everything you need to begin and build your business is available from AMSOIL. With AMSOIL products and services behind you, you can easily operate your own business. Above all, there are never any sales quotas, minimum purchase or inventory requirements, or hassles of any kind. Take advantage of the 6-month Dealership to become familiar with the AMSOIL Product line, the benefits of synthetic lubrication and what the Home Dealership has to offer.

When you register through my Dealership I become your first source for information… whether it be product or product application information, setting up new Retail or Commercial accounts, or building your own downline sales group. As an AMSOIL products user for many years, I have the experience and knowledge to help you get you business off to a good start and keep it growing.

Income Options For AMSOIL Dealers

  • Personal Use-Dealers have the luxury of buying all of the products AMSOIL produces at the wholesale price (Dealer cost). They have access to the highest quality lubricants, filters, automotive products and personal care products available on the market, all at huge savings.

  • ┬áPersonal Sales-Dealers who want extra income can buy the product at the Dealer cost and sell it at retail. Right away, Dealers earn profits from the retail profits and commissions. The amount of income Dealers earn through personal sales is generally in proportion to the amount of time and effort they invest into selling.

  • Catalog Sales-One of the simplest ways for Dealers to sell AMSOIL products is by distributing AMSOIL catalogs. Dealers can reach thousands of customers by simply handing out catalogs with their Dealer number listed as “customer number”. AMSOIL takes the orders, ships the product, bills the customer and collects the money, while dealers receive the retail profits and sales commissions. Distributing catalogs can be a good way to sponsor new Dealers or Preferred Customers, too. The catalog has a section featuring the AMSOIL business opportunity and the Preferred Customer Membership.

  • Retail Accounts-AMSOIL Dealers are able to register retail-on-the-shelf accounts. Retail-on-the-shelf accounts are businesses, like auto parts stores or hardware stores, that stock and sell AMSOIL products to customers. Once the account has been established, AMSOIL extends a line of credit, takes orders, ships product, invoices the product and collects the payment. Dealers service the account and collect the commission check.

  • Commercial Accounts-Commercial accounts are businesses which have vehicles or machinery using AMSOIL lubricants, filters and other automotive products. Taxi cab or trucking fleets fall into this category. Again, the Dealers establish and service the commercial accounts, and AMSOIL extends credit, takes orders, ships and invoices product and collects the payment. Dealers collect the commission check.

  • Dealer/Preferred Customer Sponsoring-The AMSOIL business opportunity is geared toward sponsorship. It’s natural for Dealers to want to expand their businesses, and the best and most profitable way is through sponsoring. When Dealers introduce others into the AMSOIL business as part of their personal “network” or “downline”, the Dealers can boost their commission checks considerably. Dealers make a percentage of all of the sales generated in their network. Dealers who are dedicated to sponsoring, training and managing their downlines truly profit in the long run.

Registration Options

For only $15 you can try the six month trial dealership. This is popular with those who want to have a six month trial period before committing to anything greater. The “Six Month Dealer” is, however, entitled to all of the Dealer benefits such as new Dealer sponsoring, catalog, and retail and commercial selling. The kit includes Dealer Price Lists, an AMSOIL products catalog, program information material, and a six month subscription to “AMSOIL Magazine”, the AMSOIL Dealer monthly publication. Prior to the six month expiration, Dealers are notified by AMSOIL to renew the Dealership for a one year cost of $30. There are no minimum purchase requirements, committments, or other obligations when you register. You can register just to purchase for yourself at wholesale cost if you like.

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